Update – Oct 2, 2015

DSC_7107_NEF_embeddedQuick Update

Coming Soon:  The Suspects.  The Theories.  More photos.  More interviews.  More facts.

  • Over 1000 persons visited this website yesterday alone (October 1st, 2015 – likely due to interview with State Trooper Meidinger).
  • Somebody provided me with a photograph of the Van.
  • More persons have come contact me, with:
    • Sightings of Kristin/Robert in Wishek, ND  the day(s) before they disappeared.
    • Background information.
    • Expressions of relief that Kristin/Valerie and Robert are not yet forgotten.


We need photos of Kristin and Robert in the 1990 era.  Please contact us if you have any.  Please keep sharing on Facebook and other Social Media.  Thanks to all!

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