Unacceptable and Unimaginable !

TWO missing people!
TWO news articles!
ONE TV segment!
In 22 years ? ? ?

Please prove us wrong!

It cannot possibly be that two people can go missing and for twenty-two years, the only news media coverage in print, radio or TV are the three that we have found. (see list below).

Please contact us if you know of any print, TV or radio media coverage other than what is listed here (and other than what was printed this year).

  1. Two articles were written in the Wishek Star in 1996.
  2. WCCO TV of Bloomington, MN did one fantastic news story.  (Which was never shown in North Dakota as far we know)

How can this be?

Please prove us wrong and contact us with other media coverage of this case.

Kristin Joy Diede and Robert Michael Anderson. Missing from Wishek North Dakota since Aug 1993
Kristin and Robert went missing in Wishek, ND Aug 15th 1993. The Dodge Van they were travelling in was found abandoned just days later in Aberdeen South Dakota



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  1. They have a mention in the book “I’m Missing – Please Find Me” by Cal Miller, copyright 2011, page 21-22

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