Vanishing Act: The Untold Story of Kristin Diede and Bob Anderson

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Listen to Episode 4, Looking over her shoulder

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Listen to Episode 7, How two people vanish

Listen to Episode 8, A Jacket and a Jail Cell

Listen to Episode 9, Calling Clyde – full interview with Clyde Diede

Listen to Episode 10, Four theories and a detective

Listen to Episode 11, Open Letter to a Killer

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Season 6 a live investigation into the 1993 unsolved disappearance of Kristin Joy Diede and Robert Michael Anderson. Kristin and Bob took a road trip to North Dakota and were never seen again. Law enforcement believe they were murdered. But by whom? Host James Wolner teams up with journalist Jeremy Fugleberg to tackle this long-running North Dakota mystery.  

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If you know what happened to Kristin and Bob or have vital information for Law Enforcement, call the Logan County, ND Sheriff’s office: (701) 754-2495.

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