‘Kristin was my neighbor in MN’

Heather has been found!

In a previous post, we expressed interest in getting in touch with any friends of Kristin Diede’s from during her time in Bloomington, Minnesota, in particular a woman named Heather.

Last night we finally received the phone call we have been waiting for and were able to speak to not just Heather, but also an additional friend and neighbor of Kristins and who reported Kristin as missing.

We will be interviewing these individuals soon, both of whom have explicit memories of Kristin’s disappearance.

Check back soon for interviews.


One thought on “‘Kristin was my neighbor in MN’”

  1. I went to school in lehr nd with valerie. And her siblings. I can not believe more was not done to find them. In an area where everybody knew everyone’.bbusiness

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