Freedom of Information Act Request

Wishek Star
Wishek Star Tribune,  Wed Aug 18th, 1993

Yesterday, I took the advice of Troy Larson over at and actually sent off a Freedom of Information Act Request to the FBI.

Troy is determined to find more facts about the murder of Lora Jean Dugan, who was found murdered not far from Medora, ND in 1972.   Read more about his frustration with fact gathering here.  His reasoning is sound.  Lora Jean was from Montana and found in North Dakota.  The crossing of state lines smacks of FBI and perhaps that organization will provide Troy with at least some information that will help him move forward with his impressive quest for closure and justice.

Robert Anderson and Kristin Diede lived in Minnesota.  They were last seen in North Dakota and their vehicle was found abandoned in South Dakota. I’ve sent my letter of to the FBI and I guess now we sit back and see what happens.

Did you know Kristin or Robert personally?  Please join others who have already come forward and contact us at . We would like to know more about these two missing persons. Tell us what their likes, dislikes and what their interests were.  Help us create a voice for Kristin and Robert!

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